What Doctors Should Know about SEO

Search engine optimization, commonly called SEO, is a marketing technique that improves how your practice performs in search engines like Google. Though SEO techniques change rapidly to keep pace with algorithm updates, these are some of the most consistent areas of focus:

  • Strategy. Every solid SEO program requires a plan. Before diving in, we carefully consider your current ranking, your available budget, and the competition in your area. Understanding basics like these allow us to get the most out of the resources at hand.
  • Keyword Research. People use a vast number of keyword phrases (search terms) when looking for your practice. Intensive keyword research shows us which phrases are likely to be most effective. With this information, we can strategically select and de-select specific keywords in order to make your SEO campaign as efficient as possible.
  • Onsite Optimization. Even Google has its preferences, and onsite optimization is the practice of tweaking your website to appeal to Google’s taste. Some of the key elements of onsite optimization include:
    • Unique title tags & meta data that include target keywords
    • Intuitive, logically organized site navigation
    • A coherent internal link system
    • Relevant, meaningful content
    • Continual updates to keep the page fresh
  • Offsite Optimization. The optimization doesn’t stop with your own website. Google and other search engines are smart enough to consult outside sources before passing judgment on your relevance and ranking. Search engines pay special attention to the number and quality of your inbound links, as well as your social mentions. An effective SEO campaign even produces off-site content via secondary sites, blogs, and social media profiles.
  • Analytics. The best SEO is measurable. Our specialists have a wealth of information at their fingertips, including referred traffic sources, keywords used, pages visited, and inbound links created. Sifting through the mass of data allows our specialists to identify the most important trends and take action.

Remember – SEO best practices change all the time. It’s not uncommon for Google to update their algorithms more than once a month. They do it to provide better results and to counter dishonest SEO practices, but that means search experts must always stay on the cutting edge.

Because of this, SEO programs must be reviewed and updated regularly. Out-of-date techniques will provide minimal results, and can actually hurt your ranking. For example, not long ago, “keyword stuffing” was a preferred SEO technique. Nowadays, it’s outdated. Social media mentions, and especially quality content, are now taking a larger share of the spotlight.

Officite’s Search Specialists are singularly devoted to remaining current and effective in an ever-changing field. That means you, and your practice, get to stay ahead of the SEO curve.