Complete Medical Social Media Services

Social Media Optimization
There’s no denying the power and popularity of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It’s a vast referral network, and with every contact you make via social media, your online presence can be expanded exponentially across that individual’s network of followers.

Officite can build and integrate your entire social network, including your website and blog, and expose your practice to potential new patients who frequent Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. We’ll also help you cultivate enhanced relationships with your existing and potential patients in a way that positively impacts your reputation, referrals, customer service and search ranking. Our social media marketing services include:

  • Design and implementation of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Pages
  • Addition of social media buttons on website
  • Seamless integration with website and blog

Blog Marketing for Your Medical Practice
Officite takes the work out of blogging—managing your entire blog through search optimized content creation, regular postings, and seamless integration of your website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. We’ll post share-worthy articles to your blog each week, including helpful tips and educational information to compel your readers not only to act on your content, but to also share it so that it spreads virally across your other social media sites.

Why Medical Social Media Marketing Works

  • Your blog establishes you as an authority and leader in your specialty, giving new patients confidence to schedule an appointment.
  • An active and up-to-date social media presence distinguishes you from other practices that are invisible or barely visible in this increasingly important marketing space.
  • Blogging and other social media activity, such as posting on Twitter, support search engine optimization (SEO) and lift rankings.
  • Positive customer reviews, when posted on social media sites, reach “friends of friends”, a potentially powerful source of referrals.

Technical Insights: Learn more about how blogs and social media work. [link]