Medical Web Design to Influence New and Returning Patients

When visitors come to your medical website, they will decide whether to stay or leave in a matter of seconds. Their decision hinges on two main factors: the look and feel of your site, and the simplicity of navigation. If visitors do not get a strong sense of what your practice is all about, or can’t find what they need – they will move on and explore other websites.

Using industry best practices and relying on our decade of medical website design experience, Officite will equip your practice with a site that immediately captures the attention of visitors and allows them to quickly and easily navigate from one section to another.

As potential and returning patients continue to explore your site, this positive experience will only increase and create a highly favorable impression of your practice. In addition, the content that we create with your guidance will reinforce the visitor’s confidence in your expertise and professionalism.

A website is the foundation of your Internet presence. An Officite site works 24/7/365, in concert with your other marketing activities, to strengthen your practice. The goal of our medical website design is twofold:

  • To give new and returning patients the confidence they need to feel comfortable making an appointment; and,
  • To present a professional online image of your practice that gives colleagues the confidence they need to make referrals.

Important Features of Officite Medical Website Design

Customizable Design. No two medical practices are alike. We make sure that your site communicates the unique value of your practice, making a distinctive and long lasting impression on every visitor. An Officite site helps visitors remember you when they are ready to make an appointment – not the five other websites they saw that all looked the same.

Easy-to-Find Information. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find the critical information you need. Our sites enable visitors to quickly find all the vital information they need, including maps, directions, office hours, and detailed educational content.

Easy “Point-and-Click” Site Editing. Officite gives you the freedom to make content edits quickly and easily. No waiting for a third party to upload content updates: with Officite your site information can always be up to date.

Total Web Presence Management. Doctor Portal, our exclusive Web management tool, allows you or your staff to manage content, review Web statistics, control email accounts, track new appointment requests, and much more.

Our proven medical website designs generate brand awareness, valuable leads and new patient revenue better than any other marketing technique available today. Please contact us to learn more.