Content that Builds Patient Confidence

Patient education is more than just an additive to a successful practice – it sets you apart from the crowd. Good patient education enhances a patient’s understanding of complex procedures, and that means increased treatment acceptance, reduced complications, and improved long term outcomes. That makes patient education a win-win for everybody involved.

Premium Patient Education, Officite’s new online information suite, will change the way your practice thinks about patient education. Premium Patient Education is the largest, most engaging package on the market, and every ounce of content is designed to impress.

The package starts with 1,900 pages of content on everything from implants to sealants, each page fully customizable to fit your area of expertise. The peer-reviewed information is detailed, but written for a general audience, ensuring that patients will understand every word.

Premium Patient Education also provides a vast library of captivating visual media, including HD videos, illustrations by professional artists, and more. Whether your patients prefer to read, to look, or to watch, Premium Patient Education appeals to every learning style. And of course, every piece of the package is continually updated and designed for patient conversion, making Premium Patient Education just as much a marketing tool as it is an education suite.

Upgrade to Premium Patient Education For:

  • Industry-leading patient education
  • The largest library of educational content available – over 1,900 pages
  • Exclusive content designed for patient conversion
  • The entertaining and engaging educational content your patients want
  • Peer reviewed, but easily understandable information
  • More than 40 HD patient education videos to improve case acceptance
  • Accurate, trustworthy, entertaining content
  • Beautifully designed dental illustrations
  • Captivating, informative, anatomically correct diagrams
  • Continually updated content

Become a 24/7 educational resource for your community with the finest patient education available. Contact your Web Presence Advisor Today.