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How to Earn the Trust and Loyalty of Your Patients Online

Patient with dentistTo generate new patient appointments for your practice, you must first gain the trust from those who are considering your services. After all, patients have a choice of dentist in their local area. What makes your practice different from the rest?  Take the time to earn their trust, and they’ll be your patients for a lifetime.

So, what drives patient loyalty, and how can you earn the trust of your patients on the Web? We’ve listed a few tips below to help you achieve a steady flow of loyal patients who are confident in your ability to deliver exceptional oral health care.

Be Professional

If your dental practice doesn’t exemplify professionalism, then how will you ever gain respect as a reputable dentist from new patients? Make sure your website—which is often the first impression a new and referred patient has of your practice—is built to reflect the quality of your services and care. The design, messaging and layout should be attractive, consistent and easy to navigate so that patients can learn about your practice with ease. Don’t send the message that your practice isn’t up to speed with outdated content and designs.

Be Available

In today’s digital age, patients desire and expect the services and brands they trust to be accessible when they need them. As mobile becomes more and more prevalent, it’s now essential that your practice has a mobile version of your website if you want to reach your on-the-move patients from their smartphones and tablets. With your website optimized for mobile technology, patients will be able to call you, locate your office, schedule appointments and learn about your services from the easy, intuitive mobile browser of their smartphones. Patients will appreciate your reliability and availability, making it both simple and convenient for them to get a hold of you whenever they have questions or concerns about their oral health.

Be Knowledgeable

Finally, one of the best ways to win the trust of your patients is to show them that you are an authority in all things related to dentistry. Demonstrate that you are an expert in the field by highlighting your credentials on your website or include testimonials from your existing patients. Offering trusted online educational resources, such as a patient library or a blog can also help patients make informed decisions about their dental health. Patients will start to view you as their source for all of their oral health questions and needs.

By taking these three tips into consideration when developing and modifying your website and online marketing plan, you can help earn the trust of your website visitors which translates to loyal, lifelong patients.


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