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Making Time For Your Practice Blog


BloggingBlogging is a powerful way to add quality, consistent content to your website. Write about a variety of topics related to dentistry and oral health, establish yourself as a dental authority and gain confidence from your patients. It’s the perfect medium for communicating new information to your patient base on a regular basis.

The catch? Blogging takes time; time a busy dentist may not have. With a little organization, planning and assistance, however, you can keep your blog updated and engaging. Here’s how.

Share the Work

Don’t feel like you always have to be the dominant voice for your blog. In fact, add a little variety to your writing by asking other members of your dental staff to contribute posts.  If you are a large group, have different dentists write an article for different weeks of the month. By sharing the workload with other members of your team, you’ll have a much easier time cranking out quality, interesting content for your readers to enjoy.

Plan Ahead

If your practice is small and the bulk of the blog writing rests on your shoulders, then simply find ways to create content without exhausting your resources. Keep posts short but still relevant to what’s going on in your practice. If you find a great article in your favorite dentistry publication, write a quick response and share it on your blog.  Or maybe you regularly collect patient testimonials. Showcasing these reviews on your blog is a quick, easy and powerful way to keep your blog updated while highlighting some of your most loyal patients’ testimonials.  Scheduling topics in advance will help you stay on track so you never miss an opportunity to engage your readers with new content.

Outsource Your Writing

Finally, if you simply don’t have the time or staff behind you to maintain a successful blog, then consider outsourcing your blogging efforts to someone who can. A professional copywriter who is well-versed in your field can craft content for your blog and publish the posts for you on a regular basis. Your blog will always be up-to-date, and you can be as hands on or hands off as you’d like.

Talk to your Officite Web Presence Advisor about blogging, and learn how you can jumpstart a successful blog for your practice with ease.


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