Increased Appointments through Pediatric Dental SEO Marketing

Officite’s dental pediatric SEO marketing plans are made to deliver specific results: boosting your search engine rankings, bringing in new traffic streams and leading to more appointments for your office. Backed by our decade of experience, Officite’s SEO for pediatricians include the following services:

  • Keyword research
  • Quality link building
  • Title tags, meta tags and sitemap
  • Content optimized for search
  • Directory submissions
  • Article and press release syndication
  • Systematic and comprehensive campaign refinement
  • Awareness of changes in search engine algorithms

Why Officite’s SEO for Pediatricians Works

Officite’s pediatric SEO marketing is so effective because it targets users where they are. When a Web user is looking for a pediatric dentist for his or her child, the Internet is the first place to look. What’s more, because Officite stays on top of continual changes in the SEO industry, we’re able to continually adapt and refine your marketing plan to be most effective. There are many advantages your practice can gain from SEO marketing, such as the following:

Taps into the Power of the Internet: Today’s clients aren’t searching phone books for someone to provide their children’s dental care; they’re typing terms into search engines. SEO marketing puts your pediatric dental practice higher in search engine results, giving you increased visibility in one of the most powerful mediums existing today.

Engages Potential Patients Where They Are: Your SEO program can be used to connect with patients in your community—all by meeting them where they are, on the networks of Facebook, Twitter and review sites. When an individual sees your practice reviewed by a friend or a friend of a friend, or when your office is connected to someone they know, you instantly become more credible in their mind.

Builds Trust in Your Practice: Web users generally view search results as organic, making them seem more worthy of trust. When your practice comes up early in search results, as our SEO marketing services help it do, it establishes you as a leader in the field and makes you seem like a pediatric dentist worth visiting.

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