Periodontic Social Media Marketing
In today’s Internet-centric society, the world of social media represents a wide network of connections that can be used to expand the presence of your practice. Officite will help you tap into this realm with our strategic social media marketing services, which include designing and setting up Facebook and YouTube pages; putting social media buttons on your custom website; and ensuring that all of your social efforts integrate easily with your website and blog.

Periodontic Blog Marketing
Blogs are more than websites with regular content updates and posts—they’re a powerful way to engage with your Web visitors, through share-worthy articles, helpful information and educational resources. Officite makes this engagement easy as we manage your entire blog, from setup to updates, giving your pediatric practice a way to spread your services virally across social networks.

Benefits of Periodontic Social Media and Blog Marketing

  • Expanded Web presence
  • Distinction from competitors absent in social space
  • Engaged new and returning patients
  • Enhanced search engine optimization
  • Higher search rankings
  • Increased patient reviews
  • Exponential growth in Web traffic

Technical Insights: Learn more about how blogs and social media work.