Reaching Greater Numbers of Patients through Physical Therapist PPC

How PPC Works. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a powerful form of search marketing that puts ads within the sponsored listings of search results pages almost immediately. You determine the reach of those ads, whether to users within five miles or fifty, and you only pay when a users clicks through to your site, where a custom landing page directs them to action.

Benefits of Physical Therapist PPC Marketing

  • Immediate visibility on search results pages
  • Targeting to users within 5, 10 or even 50 miles
  • Simple bid-and-budget process
  • Increased ad relevancy
  • Customization to your particular budget
  • Cost effective process where you only pay per click

Hallmarks of Officite’s Physical Therapy PPC Services

With Officite, your physical therapy practice gains strategic search advertising that is fast, effective and backed by a company with a decade of experience in the field. Our Google-trained search team provides complete campaign setup and management, with total transparency along the way. Other defining features of our PPC services include sophisticated keyword research, persuasive ad copy, landing pages made to enhance conversions, detailed tracking and reporting, campaign refinement and a focus on ROI.

Technical Insights: Learn more about how PPC works.