Physical Therapy Online Marketing That Delivers Results

With Officite, your physical therapy practice has a dedicated partner committed to your online success. That’s why our search engine optimization (SEO) tactics are specially designed to boost your search rankings—so you can see better website traffic and an increased number of new appointments for your office.

To help your site achieve long-lasting placement on major search engines, our strategists use a host of systematic strategies that we continually adjust as changes affect the industry and search engines alter their algorithms. Our physical therapist SEO services include a variety of tactics such as: keyword analysis, research into the competition, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, social media marketing, campaign tracking and refinement and more. With our help, your practice will successfully attract patients who are already looking for physical therapists in your area—helping you expand and grow.

Explanation behind Effective Physical Therapist SEO

Officite’s physical therapist SEO program is effective because of clear changes in society and the medical marketplace. Consider these influential factors:

Importance of the Internet Today. There’s no denying it: the modern marketplace has shifted from phone books to search engines when it comes to finding service providers. When your prospective patients look for physical therapists, you can bet they’ll turn to places like Google and Bing, which is why you want your practice to be visible there.

Powerful Connections of Social Media. Likewise, word-of-mouth referrals are increasingly happening online in the networks of Facebook, Twitter and others. By engaging with these mediums, you increase your exposure and enhance your reputation.

Value of Credibility with Patients. While many individuals are skeptical of advertising, organic search results are still seen as trustworthy and credible. Getting your practice naturally high in search results sets it up to be taken seriously by relevant users.

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