Physical Therapy Social Media
In today’s Internet-centric society, social media is more than a space for personal connections—it’s a powerful referral network for practices looking to expand their circle of influence. Officite helps you create a rich social network that enhances relationships with both new and returning patients through services that include setting up Facebook, putting social media buttons on your site and designing your social efforts to work in concert with your website and blog. With our help, social media can help give you a stronger reputation, more referrals and higher search rankings.

Physical Therapist Blog Marketing
Officite understands that blogging is about providing valuable content in a way that engages users and invites them to share it with their network. We’ll help you leverage this tool to your advantage by giving you search-optimized content, regular posts and a seamless feel throughout your blog, website and social profiles.

Benefits of Social Media and Blog Marketing

  • Increased authority with Web users
  • Sense of leadership in the field
  • Boosted confidence for new patients
  • Distinction from other practices
  • Greater search engine optimization
  • Higher search rankings
  • Increased positive customer reviews
  • Expanded scope of influence online

Technical Insights: Learn more about how blogs and social media work.