Technical Insights on Internet Marketing

One key benefit we offer is to make your Internet marketing easy. However, we have learned in our decade of medical marketing experience that many doctors are eager to “look under the hood” and learn how Internet marketing works.

Client education is an important part of our offering, and we believe that Web-savvy doctors make outstanding Officite partners. This section of the site provides technical information on the critical aspects of online medical marketing. Here you can learn more about:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization is a complex set of techniques that affect the rankings of every page of your website. Done properly, SEO can drive an ever-increasing number of potential patients to your site. Done improperly, SEO can have no impact, or even a negative impact, on your results. Click here to learn more.

Paid Search Marketing (PPC). Pay-per-click advertising is a widely used – and misused – online marketing tactic within the medical field. In the highly competitive arena of PPC, an enormous amount of expertise is required to effectively place ads and inspire conversions. Click here to learn more.

Social Media and Blogs. In a short period of time, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other platforms have shifted from a novelty and diversion to core components of any serious Internet marketing program. Dabbling in social media is a recipe for disaster: understanding how these media work – and why they work – is essential. Click here to learn more.

Reputation Tracker. Make it easy to take control of your online presence with a simple, one-stop service that will help you keep a close eye on your online appearance. Our platform tracks your visibility scores; online reviews; unstructured mentions; and much more. Click here to learn more.

Hungry for more? Visit our Officite blog for more information and insight about medical Internet marketing.