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Did you know that 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website? Users decide whether or not you’re what they’re looking for in an very short amount of time.

By making sure you answer their most important questions as quickly as possible, you can greatly increase the chances that they will stay on your website and not go somewhere else.

Here are six specific questions every visitor wants answered within 15 seconds or their visit.


Search engine algorithms can be intimidating to the average person. Google uses a dizzying number of factors to decide who gets first page results.

To complicate matters further, Google’s algorithm changes on a regular basis. This means practice owners have to stay on their toes.

Here are four strategies that can help you get higher search results.


So the worst has happened. Your social media presence is cold in the ground. You had good intentions, didn’t you? You knew your practice was supposed to be on Facebook and Twitter, so you made sure you were represented on both, a great first step. But then you walked away, assuming that being on social […]