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Your practice’s website is an important factor in your marketing strategy. Many of your patients will form their first impression of your practice based on your website. What impression will potential patients glean from a stale, outdated website versus a visually appealing website designed with users in mind? Good content and a sound SEO strategy are essential, but don’t forget about the website design. Here are a few design elements you need to know before the new year.

Old outdated media

Your website is your first impression in the minds of many modern patients, and you may never get another opportunity to show them the excellence of your practice. You only have a tiny window of time to convince them to stay — half of online users spend less than 15 seconds on a website. An old, outdated site can cause users to navigate away before they even get a chance to look at your services.

Check out our infographic for a simple breakdown of who’s really using their phones to to get online these days, and about your two best options for keeping up with the mobile revolution – mobile and responsive websites.

Beware, dear reader, and steel your nerves before venturing deeper into this article. The stories contained herein are the unfortunate tales of dentists and patients attempting to connect with each other through mismanaged and long-neglected practice websites. Let this be a cautionary tale to your practice, and take heed, lest a similar gruesome fate befall your own website…