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If your online marketing efforts haven’t been meeting your practice’s goals or if you have yet to build an online presence for your practice and want to be able to reach new clients in 2020, then here are the most important parts of an online presence that your practice must implement to stand out in the new year.


Building an effective website that holds the attention of viewers, answers their most important questions, and leads them to schedule an appointment is a challenging task.

The following is a short (but helpful) list of the most important pieces of the digital marketing puzzle that must be in the right place at the right time for your website to attract visitors online and turn them into new patients.


Beware, dear reader, and steel your nerves before venturing deeper into this article. The stories contained herein are the unfortunate tales of dentists and patients attempting to connect with each other through mismanaged and long-neglected practice websites. Let this be a cautionary tale to your practice, and take heed, lest a similar gruesome fate befall […]