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The New Patient’s Journey: How to Attract 5 Kinds of New Patients

The world of practice marketing is a lot different than it was 10 years ago. Though word of mouth is still very powerful, many of your patients will have found you somewhere on the internet. Believe it or not, where they find you online can change how they view your practice, and can even influence whether or not they schedule an appointment. It’s different for every patient, and every practice, and can be more complex than you might expect. So, if you want to succeed, where should you start?

The answer isn’t all that simple. In fact, it’s going to take a while to break down. Rather than attempting to cram everything we know into just a couple of pages, we’ve built a full-length guide that will teach you everything you need to know about how to bring 5 of the most common patient demographics into your practice.

You can download The New Patient’s Journey for free at

Inside, you’ll learn about 5 of the most powerful online marketing strategies available today, including websites, search engine optimization, online reviews, and social media. It’s 15 years of online marketing expertise in one package, and the perfect place to get started.


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