Highly Effective Search Engine Optimization for Veterinarians

Through our proven search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, Officite can help your veterinary practice achieve higher search rankings, better traffic and an increase in patient appointments.

We accomplish these goals through a multi-fronted approach that includes various SEO strategies:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Directory submissions
  • Quality link building
  • On- and off-page strategies
  • Social media optimization
  • Campaign tracking and reporting
  • Campaign refinement

Why Veterinary SEO Increases Patients

Veterinary SEO is the art of doing all you can to push your website high in search results—because higher search rankings mean greater exposure and greater exposure means increased appointments. There are several reasons SEO is so effective, such as:

Prevailing Influence of Search Engines. Sites like Google and Yahoo have a powerful influence on what information users find—because when someone needs to find a veterinarian, the first place to look is the Internet. Through SEO, you set your practice to be noticed in those searches.

Value of Social Media. Today’s word-of-mouth referrals often happen online, by way of Facebook, Twitter or review sites. Officite can help you socialize your SEO program to make it easy for users to spread the word about your services.

Trustworthiness of Search Results. Unlike traditional advertising, search results are still seen as natural and organic by Web users. When they view your high rankings as a sign of your influence and credibility, they’re much more likely to contact you for an appointment.

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