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What Your Facebook Fans Are Really After

People networkingOnce you get patients to Like you on Facebook, you need to keep them engaged so that they continue to follow your page and share your content with their network of friends.  But what is it that your Facebook followers are after anyway? What type of content and information will encourage them to actively follow, share and converse with your page?

Here are a few tips on ways you can keep your engagement levels high, patients participating and new Fans liking your page.

What’s New?

Keep current patients informed with the latest office news and happenings. This can include a simple post about a new doctor, photos of your newly renovated waiting room or a link to your newsletter.

Special Offers

Whenever your practice is running a special promotion, make sure you announce the offer to your Facebook community. This is a great way to increase awareness about a treatment, such as Invisalign or teeth whitening as well as generate phone calls about the discounted service. Other non-patients can be exposed to the promotion as well and can contact your office for additional information.

Current Topics

Keep patients up to speed with the latest in dental healthcare by sharing interesting industry news, data or stories that patients would find relevant to their lives. This could include an article written about Halloween candy and cavity prevention, new research on diabetes and gum disease or a publication about a new implant procedure and its benefits.


When communicating with your Fans on your page, try a mixture of updates such as a patient video testimonial, a poll or a contest. These interactive posts will encourage your visitors to participate in the conversation by posting comments or sharing your activity with their contacts, thus exposing your practice to hundreds of other Facebook users.

Remember, effective Facebook marketing requires that you are conversing on your page regularly.  There are many ways to keep the conversation flowing and Fans engaged. For more tips, read The Elements of a Social Media Marketing Strategy  or contact your Web Presence Advisor.


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