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Your Practice Blog: 4 Tricks for Better Results

Dental blogBlogging is a great way to spur interest among your visitors, heighten awareness about your services and add new, quality content to your site. Not sure where to start or how to best position your current blog? We’ve listed some tips below to help you maximize your blog’s impact.

Post often

The most successful blogs are those that are updated on a regular basis. After all, if you’re only posting content once a month, it will be difficult to generate a loyal reader base.

We recommend posting at least once a week to keep readers engaged. Set up a calendar to help you plan and focus your content over the course of several months. If you will be running a special promotion on Invisalign in July, then add that topic to your calendar.  Or, plan an article for your blog on the importance of back to school exams during the summer to remind patients to schedule those important check ups for their kids.  There are many ways to keep the theme of your blog relevant to what’s going on in your office and your community.

Make your content count

When writing for your blog, make sure the information you’re sharing is something your patients will take interest in. A post detailing the clinical research conducted for maxillofacial surgery may not excite your readers, but an article about the benefits of a new, advanced one hour whitening procedure may generate phone calls to the office!

Remember who your audience is, and craft unique, educational articles that will help your current and potential patients become acquainted with your practice and the services you offer. Focusing on great content will inspire people to bookmark it as a resource, share it with friends and even contact your office for more info.

Spread the word

You can really maximize your blog’s performance by integrating your content with other popular social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter. This is a great way to maximize the effectiveness and reach of a blog post by exposing it to an even wider audience.  A person who sees your post on Facebook can click through to that article on your website where they can read more of your blog, browse your site and find out more about your practice.

Every time you post to your blog, it will simultaneously publish to your Facebook and Twitter pages—updating your entire social network!  This will save you time managing your content and boost the volume of content you’re sharing across all of your social channels.

Ask for help

Good blog posts take time to write, especially when you’re a dentist trying to run a successful business. Don’t think twice about seeking assistance when it comes to maintaining your blog. Ask your staff to contribute to the blog by adding their own articles.  For instance, an informative article on oral hygiene tips from your dental hygienist would make a great post by adding a unique, new voice for your blog.

Or, if you want to be hands off and still enjoy the benefits of an active blog, get assistance from your online marketing provider.  Whatever you choose, have a plan and stick to it to make sure your blog is always up-to-date and adding value to your site.

If you need help, talk to Officite. We can help you integrate your dental blog with your entire social network and even supply you with quality, patient-friendly content that your readers will enjoy!


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