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Have you ever clicked a website only to realize it didn’t have what you were looking for?

You probably closed it and started looking somewhere else.

If this happens when patients visit your website, it will increase your bounce rate, which could harm your search rankings over time.


A good website has a lot in common with a good house. There are a world of possible amenities and features in both, and every potential buyer will have different priorities. While one homebuyer might prioritize gas stoves over electric, and another might highly value a spacious patio, all can agree that their house will […]

Did you know that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation? Or that 74% say positive reviews make them trust a local business more?


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By: Melody Gandy-Bohr

Native advertising is an effective way to reach potential patients. Especially in an ad-heavy world.

Native advertising allows you to reach people without being invasive. This provides a seamless online experience.

Here are three reasons to add native advertising to your social marketing strategy.

Native Ads Are Relevant

If you have never noticed native ads in your feed before, it’s because they blend in so well! Native ads are in-line with subjects that your followers are already interested in. According to HubShout, 85% of Internet users don’t mind native ads.

Native Ads Boost Engagement

Content needs to be engaging. Target an audience with an interest in your industry. Targeted ads will likely have increased engagement. In fact, native ads are clicked on 53% more frequently than typical display ads.

That’s the beauty behind native ads — they’re beneficial to both your practice and your followers.

Native Ads Help Drive SEO

Many marketers believe that social media has an influence on search engine ranking. This means Google is paying attention to your trending social media posts. This drives traffic to your website, boosting your practice’s SEO performance.

Native ads can improve almost all aspects of your online marketing campaign. Successful ads are baked into your social media content like chocolate chips in a cookie. They blend in enough to complement the cookie without taking over. And provide a sweet end result for your online marketing.

Contact Officite today to learn more about using social media strategy. We would be more than glad to help. (more…)

5 Ways Online Patient Education Makes your Practice Better Thanks to smartphones, 77% of American adults have the answer to almost any question in their pockets.  Tech-savvy practices take advantage of this by putting patient education materials directly on their websites. But accessibility isn’t the only benefit. Online patient education has a few perks that […]

Some things last forever, but websites aren’t one of them. True, your website will never grow mold or start turning green. But it does have a shelf life. Thanks to the continual advances of technology, the way your patients use the internet is always changing. And if your website is too outdated, it can cause […]

Keeping up with digital channels and techniques and incorporating them into your marketing strategy is essential if you want to stay competitive in an increasingly online marketplace. Patients expect to be able to find and engage with your practice online, and if you aren’t growing your online presence, you’re losing patients to practices that are. […]

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By: Jim Rogers

If you do a Google search for marketing companies, you’ll get more results than you could ever sort through in a lifetime. (I tried and got 9,420,000 results.)

Many of them do a fine job and get results for their clients.

The problem comes when you need to specialize. Many of the companies you find on Google are generalists (which means they work with any type of client). But your practice isn’t an ordinary small business. (more…)

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In early 2016, PBS called healthcare hacking an “epidemic,” citing the biggest cybersecurity breach in healthcare, along with dozens of others scattered throughout the year. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimated that an average of four data breaches were occurring each week by March of 2016.

This poses a sobering question:

How can institutions like hospitals and healthcare facilities stay secure?


By: Jim Rogers

Search engines are today’s most important source of information. Especially when searching for a local practice.

Over 90% of people don’t look past the first page of search results. A coveted top position results from a combination of strategies called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That brings us to our big question:

How long does it take to get to that first page? (more…)