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The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Podiatry Practice
Practice Marketing | 06/03/21
News outlets have been reporting an increase in the number of foot-related injuries since the pandemic struck. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. ...
What is Digital Medical Marketing and How Can it Benefit You?
Practice Marketing | 06/01/21
Competition for patients didn’t use to be as difficult as it is today. Gone are the days where it’s just you and maybe two ...
Practice Marketing | 05/12/21
Before now, most healthcare providers, including cardiologists and cardiology practices, have been dependent on traditional marketing ...
Practice Marketing | 05/12/21
Attracting and converting new patients online is essential to sustaining and growing your gastroenterology practice. This is why you ...
Practice Marketing | 05/12/21
Every medical practice benefits from marketing; it’s how you set yourself apart from others who offer similar services. A ...
Website Design | 05/12/21
As the world moves deeper into the “digital age,” healthcare professionals who have not yet built a website for their ...
Practice Marketing | 03/27/21
With the global pandemic still ongoing, it must be scary to go out- even going to get a yearly check-up at your doctor’s can be a ...
Practice Marketing | 03/25/21
According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, twenty percent of Americans will get skin cancer before seventy. Furthermore, in the country, ...
Practice Marketing | 03/13/21
As a podiatrist, word-of-mouth recommendations and local print advertising are very reliable in marketing your practice. But have you ...
Practice Marketing | 03/02/21
No matter where you go, what you do, there will always be an ad in your surroundings. You might be driving down the highway, and you ...
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