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Officite offers personalized pediatric website design that speaks directly to your practice's needs and budget. Our website design experts keep the user experience in mind and help create a digital marketing presence that can provide a lasting return on your investment.
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American Academy of Pediatrics Pediatric Web Design

Pediatric Website Designs For AAP Members

The American Academy of Pediatrics prefers Officite as their trusted provider of pediatric practice websites.

Our partnership with the AAP lets us offer exclusive content that can both help improve patient trust and attract new patients.
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Pediatric Website Design

Get a modern professionally designed website for your pediatric practice. For over a decade Officite has been building websites for pediatricians. Let us help your practice attract the patients in your area who are looking for the services that you provide.
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Pediatric Marketing Services

Officite’s digital marketing services can help you attract more patients to your pediatric practice. Powerful tools like SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads, and Online Reputation Management, can be used individually or in a comprehensive package for greater impact.

Personalized Designs For Every Pediatric Practice

Differentiate your website by choosing any of our new pediatric templates. View our gallery, find your design, and we'll do the rest -- making sure your website has never looked better.

Why Do Pediatricians Prefer Officite's Websites?


    Responsive coding ensures your pediatric website looks good on any device patients use.


    Add all the content you need. Create unlimited pages for all aspects of your practice and get found on Google.


    Secure your website with an SSL certificate to keep your site safer and improve SEO results.


    Our easy-to-use website editor lets you or your front office staff make simple changes to your pediatric website anytime.


    You and your staff can easily manage web content, review web stats, access email, track appointments, and more.


    Contact our dedicated client service team for customer support from a website expert. It’s 100% free.

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AAP Patient Education

Our partnership with the AAP lets us offer Pediatric Patient Education to help make you a trusted resource for patients and parents. This comprehensive library with over 800 pediatric articles, including 300 in Spanish, covers topics ranging from well-child visits to safety to diseases.

Website Enhancements Make Your Website Work For Your Practice

When a patient needs a pediatrician, your pediatric website should exist to bring value to your patients, alongside your practice. Officite offers specialized features to make it easier for your practice to be found online, for patients to book appointments with you, and even to turn your medical website into an e-commerce channel. It begins with the proper digital marketing services and professional pediatric website design. Officite's systems and website enhancements will make your pediatric practice competitive and cutting edge.
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Secure Forms

Put interactive, HIPAA-compliant forms on your site.

Online Booking

Online calendars for easy appointment scheduling.


We can create custom posts for your practice.


Sell on your website, social, & online marketplaces.

A Better Website For Your Practice
Is Waiting For You

Contact one of our Web Presence Advisors for a free evaluation of your existing website and discover how our pediatric website designs are built for your practice, your patients, and search engines alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Officite Websites the Top Choice for Pediatricians?

Officite's websites are fast and modern and provide all the features your patients need to connect with your medical practice and receive important information such as schedules, announcements, and even educational materials. In addition, Officite's medical websites can connect seamlessly with patient management software and other essential platforms to make patient scheduling faster and more accessible.

Pediatric web design goes hand in hand with your healthcare marketing goals. Sign up for services with Officite today to explore how modern digital marketing can improve your practice.

Parents and legal guardians looking for pediatric care also seek essential information. Our pediatric website’s contact forms can provide the leverage you need to succeed in the communication process, leading to more patients (and patient referrals) and an easier time for you and your staff at the clinic. All these benefits come together to give your pediatric practice many advantages over practices that have not created an optimized pediatric practice website.

Your pediatric practice can be there for your patients long before your patients are brought to your clinic for care. The time is now to link your pediatric practice to the Web in the most meaningful way possible: by using Officite's suite of digital healthcare marketing solutions, which are designed to be a perfect fit for your pediatric website needs.

Effective patient communication is one of the pillars of effective pediatric healthcare. Digitization is trying to bridge the communication gap between people and healthcare providers. Before pediatric websites became effective and streamlined, people knew how hard it was often to schedule an appointment.

In addition, driving to and from their homes is a burden across many populations in the United States, as mobility is also one of the reasons why many people don't seek proper healthcare. With a well-designed pediatric website, you can improve your pediatric practice and help bridge the divide between families and your practice, making it easier to present your pediatric services and communicate with your practice.

You and your patients (and their families) will be spared from a significant amount of stress when you sign up for Officite's pediatric website services. All the information that patient families and caregivers need will be at their fingertips.

Patients deserve nothing less than the best care possible. Updating your pediatric website is a big deal that requires careful preparation and testing. Officite is here to work with you as you develop and grow your medical practice with your patient's needs in mind.

Why are mobile responsive designs important for my digital presence?

Responsive coding ensures your website looks good on any device patients use. One of the most important reasons to invest in pediatric website design is you want search engines to rank your website higher than your competitors. Google and other search engines now prioritize ranking healthcare or medical websites that are fully accessible through mobile devices via mobile-first indexing or listing.

Mobile responsiveness is measured through Core Web Vitals and mobile responsiveness tests developed directly by Google. Therefore, if your pediatric website has not been optimized for mobile devices, it may suffer an inherent disadvantage even if you provide important information on your pages.

Mobile responsiveness is heavily linked to patient satisfaction and improves conversions. Conversions mean you are turning people who may have been casually surfing for information into patients or people who may be interested in calling your office to schedule an appointment.

People can share their current ailments, learn about common health issues, and coordinate care for their loved ones all from the comfort of home by using a healthcare website. However, because of the many moving parts of pediatric websites, things can become overly complex.

Officite can help you get organized so your existing pages and content can be structured in a way that makes it easier for search engines to index your pediatric website, while also improving user experience.

What is the limit on the number of pages I can have on my Officite website?

Add all the content you need. Creating pages for all aspects of your practice can help get you found on Google. New pediatric website design often involves auditing existing pages and creating new ones to improve digital healthcare marketing success. For example, local service area pages help customers find their pin on the map while providing important information and motivation to schedule an appointment.

Service pages should include all the possible services offered by a pediatric practice, and there's no need to cram all of them into a single page or two.

Each service can be given its own landing page, complete with rich media, engagement buttons, and all the critical elements that make these pages the best pediatric websites, effective in getting people to contact your pediatric office. However, listing everything in one mega page will only confuse and can hurt your pediatric website's SEO. As your practice grows and evolves, adding the correct number and type of pages to your pediatric website allows you to demonstrate that the medical practice is active.

Why should my website be secured with an SSL certificate?

Secure your website with an SSL certificate to keep your site safer and improve SEO results. An HTTPS-enabled website inspires the same confidence level in visitors as a restaurant that proudly displays its "Pass" from a recent safety inspection. But, unfortunately, the use of HTTP in the modern era is like hanging a "Fail" sign after a check.

When using HTTPS, information sent to and received from the origin server is encrypted at both ends of the connection. The protocol encrypts data transmissions to protect them from eavesdropping by unintended recipients. This means that login credentials are safe from theft when being submitted online.

How many changes am I allowed to request for my website?

Our easy-to-use website editor lets you or your front office staff make simple changes to your pediatric website at any time. Make unlimited changes to your optimized pediatric website and adjust anything that needs improvement. Our support team can assist with making changes, or you can take the reins at Officite. We are here to ensure you succeed with your digital healthcare marketing goals.

What is the doctor portal and how can it help my practice?

A doctor portal lets you and your staff manage web content, review web stats, access email, and track appointments. A patient-doctor portal can help improve patient communication by encouraging and improving patient engagement. An integrated system tailored to your practice is essential for a successful doctor portal.

Doctor portals are valuable for today's bustling medical practices. Any pediatric practice can develop an effective doctor portal with the help of Officite.

Officite offers system integration, patient information security, and updated software for your pediatric practice.

Why do I need PPC services?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be a great marketing channel for pediatricians looking to expand their patient base. PPC advertising enables healthcare practitioners to promote their practices online, paying only when their ads are clicked. Through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, pediatric practices can target their ads to specific demographics, areas, and medical keywords. Essentially, PPC allows healthcare providers to target their advertising to those who would most likely be interested in their area of practice and medical services.

Why do I need Facebook Ad services?

Facebook Ads allow you to connect with people while they're relaxed and entertained by social media. Facebook Ads also appear when people scroll for new content or keep in touch with friends and family.

But a pediatric practice's Facebook ads must be eye-catching and engaging. They need to be visually appealing. These ads are often crafted with high-quality images and videos. They also need to be expertly crafted with compelling engagement buttons. Facebook has become a highly effective conversion platform for doctors. With the right Facebook ad formula, you'll have a fantastic opportunity to use this platform to increase your patients and make your pediatric practice succeed even more. Officite can help your practice stand out on Facebook.

Why do I need Search Engine Optimization services?

With the recent seismic shift toward local SEO for doctors, optimizing your pediatric website for search engines is now within reach even for brand-new practices. Years ago, you'd need plenty of authority to compete with established medical practices. With Officite's SEO solutions, your practice now has the chance to stand on the shoulders of giants to compete on Google's local three-pack. All you need is Officite's platform, drive, and consistency.

Why do I need Online Reputation Management services?

When a pediatrician takes the time to manage their online reputation, they can be assured that legal guardians will find only positive, up-to-date information about the practice online.

On the other hand, having no active online reputation management may affect your pediatric practice's ability to attract new patients and keep the ones you already have. In addition, parents and legal guardians are doing more research online before choosing a pediatrician.

When deciding on a pediatrician, they consult online reviews, ratings, and other available data online. A favorable and well-maintained online reputation can majorly impact their final choice. Patients are more likely to visit a pediatrician who has received numerous positive evaluations and ratings across different platforms. Officite can help you manage your online reviews and put your best foot forward in your digital marketing space so your practice is a more enticing choice to new prospective patients.

What if my question was not listed here?

Contact our dedicated client service team (888-606-8943) for customer support from a website expert. Whether you have questions about your secured doctor portal, or need help setting up your practice emails, access to our support team is 100% free to all of our clients.

Our friendly representatives can provide you tutorials and guidelines for all the tools you need to make your pediatric website a success.