Keep Your Communications HIPAA Secure

Be confident that information sent to and from your office meets HIPAA guidelines with Officite's Secure Emails and Forms.
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Secure Emails and Forms Helps Your Practice

Reduce Staff Workload

Minimize Patient Waiting Room Time

Stay HIPAA Compliant

Improve Office Efficiency & Protect Patient Privacy

Save your patients and your office staff time by allowing patients to fill out intake and other essential forms directly from your website. All the while, keep their personal information safe by protecting your communications with HIPAA compliant encryption technology.
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Give Patients Peace Of Mind

By keeping personal information safe.

Save Time On Paperwork

Online forms means less manual data entry.

Improve Patient Experience

Reduce time spent in the waiting room.

Protect Patient Information

Special coding keeps patient forms secure.

Protect Patient Privacy & Comply With HIPAA Regulations

When using Secure Email & Forms all emails are protected, even with a traditional email address like Gmail. Secure Forms integrate with your website so patients can fill them out online before their appointment.

Secure Email & Forms Include This & More

HIPAA Compliant Security
All information sent to and from your office stays safe, secure, and meets regulations.
Secure Emails
Everything sent to your email stays secure, even with traditional email addresses like Gmail.
Integrated Forms
Put secure patient forms directly onto your website to keep information safe and save time for patients and staff.
Business Associate Agreement
A legal contract that protects private health information in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.
Email App
Send and receive encrypted emails from any web-connected computer or tablet.
iPhone Mobile App
Send encrypted email and attachments directly from your iPhone.

What Can Secure Email & Forms Do For Your Practice?

Talk with an Officite Web Advisor and learn how to simplify patient communications & still comply with privacy regulations. Access your email remotely, reduce staff time spent on data entry, and let patients fill out forms before coming into the office. Get it all done online, with secure technology that meets HIPAA guidelines.