6 Important Questions Your Healthcare Website Must Answer in 15 Seconds or Less

Did you know that 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website? Users decide whether or not you’re what they’re looking for in an very short amount of time.

By making sure you answer their most important questions as quickly as possible, you can greatly increase the chances that they will stay on your website and not go somewhere else.

Here are six specific questions every visitor wants answered within 15 seconds or their visit.

1. What Are Your Services?

For a healthcare practice, this might seem obvious, but a link to a services page that provides a clear list of what your practice offers is an excellent idea.

2. What About Insurance?

Okay, you’ve piqued a visitor’s interest. Now they’re going to want information on whether or not they can cover your costs through their insurance provider.

While all the details might be too complex for your homepage, you should make sure that your visitors can find basic information with a single click.

3. What Differentiates You From Other Practices?

Many patients want to know a little about your practice’s history, team members, and values so they can get to know you before making an appointment.

4. Can I Navigate Your Site With Ease?

When it comes to navigation, it needs to be intuitive, and visitors should be able to get their bearings within a matter of seconds — not minutes.

The key with navigation is to keep it as simple as possible so that visitors can move their way seamlessly through your site without expending too much mental energy.

5. Can I Trust You?

Trust is huge, especially for mental health professionals. But how can you gain their trust? As stated above, testimonials are great for letting patients know you’re the right practice for them.

6. How Can I Contact You?

This is simple but easy to overlook. You should make sure your practice contact info is clearly stated on your home page and on the bottom of every page in a footer section, not hidden on a “contact us” page or link.

Take a minute to check your website right now and make sure you can answer these questions quickly.

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