Branding Your Practice Website

By: Melody Gandy-Bohr

As a practice owner, you know that if your practice need a professional website to present the best possible first impression to potential patients. Branding your practice effectively supports that impression across all media associated with your practice, from your website to your social media accounts all the way down to your business cards. Your brand should represent your practice consistently with an instantly recognizable logo and design. Here are a few tips for effectively branding your practice website.

Choose a Logo That Makes Sense
It’s important that your logo accurately represents your practice and the services that you provide. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a logo simply based on a trendy look. While the look of your logo is obviously important, the service you provide should be immediately clear to patients. The message behind your logo shouldn’t get lost in the design. Instead the design should work to reiterate that message. Once you perfect your logo, use it for all of your marketing efforts.

Complementary Website Colors
The human mind instantly forms opinions based on color. In fact, studies show that we associate certain colors with feelings. For instance, blue is commonly associated with trust, comfort and confidence. Distinct colors that complement each other are the basis of a great website design. Try to avoid using more than two colors or a busy design, as this can make your website look messy and unprofessional. Make sure that these colors are used in your logo as well.

Carry Your Brand Through to Your Site Layout
Finally, the layout of your website should represent your practice’s brand as well. If you want to associate your brand with professionalism and trust, your website’s layout should be clean and understated. Avoid elaborate design elements that may cause your website to load slowly.

Establishing a practice brand involves more than creating a pretty logo and placing it on your website. It takes consistency, from the first time a user clicks on your site to their first appointment as your patient. Officite is a leader in creating effective websites for healthcare professionals. Contact Officite today to get a practice website that seamlessly matches your overall branding strategy.