Get Insight Into Your Marketing Performance

Get access to staff interactions with incoming patients. Gain information to inform training & coaching and improve front-office performance.
Patient during a phone conversation being monitored with Call Tracking for Medical Offices

Call Tracking Helps Your Practice

A doctor and patient discussing medical matters on a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform

Improve Patient & Staff Interactions

Monitor Marketing Effectiveness

Identify Your Strengths & Weaknesses

What Is Call Tracking?

Officite’s Call Tracking system allows you to record incoming calls from prospective new patients. From your Doctor Portal, you'll have access to all the conversations your patients have with your staff. Listening in will give you vital insight into your practice’s health and performance.
Call Tracking Concept for Medical Offices

Record Incoming Calls

Evaluate staff performance and provide feedback.

Monitor Call Volume

Use insights to optimize marketing campaigns.

Track Call

Find out which marketing strategies are working.

Track Conversion Rates

Identify what callers turn into appointments.

Where Are Your New Patients Coming From and How Can You Get More?

Improve both marketing and patient satisfaction with insights from Call Tracking. See how many calls are being generated by your marketing efforts and hear staff interactions so you can convert those callers into new patients.

Call Tracking Does More Than Track Calls

Measure Campaign Effectiveness
See how many calls your campaigns are generating and make adjustments as needed.
Track Campaigns
See numbers over time to compare different campaigns and inform your marketing strategies.
Hear Patient & Staff Interaction
Make sure staff are employing best practices and not inadvertently turning patients away.
Monitor Calls From Multiple Sources
Record inbound calls generated from organic search results from Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
Results Available 24/7
Easy access to your numbers, insights, and even phone recordings via your Doctor Portal.
Expert Insight (Call Tracking Plus)
With our concierge service, you get a monthly call to analyze your calls, including strengths & areas for improvement.

Let Call Tracking Give A Boost To Your Marketing

Schedule time with a Web Presence Advisor to learn more about what Call Tracking can do for your practice. With the variety of tools available, Call Tracking can not only boost your practice's marketing efforts but also improve relationships between patients and office staff.