Call Tracking

What is Call Tracking?

Officite’s Call Tracking system allows you to record incoming calls from prospective new patients. From your Doctor Portal, you’ll have access to all the conversations your patients have with your staff. Listening in will give you vital insight into your practice’s health and performance. Call Tracking Plus introduces concierge-level service to the equation. Every month, your calls will be reviewed and analyzed. You’ll receive a call to discuss results, including strengths and areas for improvement.

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Track Conversion Rates

What percentage of callers actually schedule, and then show up to appointments? Call Tracking makes it easy to find out.

Monitor Call Volume

How many calls do you receive in a month? How does that compare with previous years? Knowing helps you develop an appropriate strategy.

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Evaluate Staff Performance

Is your front desk inadvertently turning callers away? Put your mind at ease. Listen in, find out, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

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