How to Demonstrate Expertise with Your Medical Website

Online, your competition is fierce. You can’t hope to compete with other practices if your website is mediocre. Going a step further than the generic sites can show that your expertise is invaluable. Prove to site visitors that you are an industry authority by providing materials for patient education. This can take the form of field-related information or specific instructions for patients undergoing treatments.

General Patient Education

Demonstrate a solid base of knowledge related to your field. Podiatrist websites, for example, could index information on heel pain, flat feet or foot issues concerning diabetes. Obviously, you don’t want to overwhelm your homepage with information, so use a site layout that allows you to categorize topics with links. Additionally, these informational links should not overshadow basic information for your practice, such as contact information and services.

Instructions for Patients

Lay out thorough instructions for future and existing patients. If someone has a question about a procedure, he or she should be able to find at least part of the answer on your site. A compelling site will convince the visitor to take the secondary step of contacting you directly.

Practice-specific Information

This seems obvious, but it’s often overlooked. Don’t assume that visitors to your site will be willing to navigate your site in search of a simple phone number. If it’s not upfront, your practice loses some of its credibility. Displaying contact information and directions to your facility is just as important, if not more so, than establishing your practice as the authority on your particular field of medicine.

Well-packaged Content

You get one shot at a strong first impression with your website visitors, so it goes without saying that your site should be pleasant to look at. Display useful images or graphics, an appropriate amount of white space, a sensible layout and strong content. Your site should appear welcoming and be able to engage visitors.

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