Ready to Reopen.

Leverage these tips and tricks to jump-start your practice and start generating new appointments.

Communicate with your patients.

Let your patients know your practice is open and what you are doing to ensure the safety of their appointments. Be sure to share what protocols your office has implemented and what changes patients can expect when they come back into the office. You can leverage features inside your website’s Doctor Portal that includes Marketing eCards and the Newsletter functionality to communicate directly to your patients. Also, most practices have alternative patient communication or email platforms that can be used similarly. Another great way to get your message out is to add a personalized video from you. This video can be posted to the homepage to your website or used in emails. If you’re not a technical person, as a valued Officite customer, we can help create one of these videos for you. Contact a member of our client services team to learn more about this opportunity.

Connect with patients using Telemedicine

Levering a telemedicine platform helps you see patients and prevent cancellations with virtual appointments. Even though telemedicine can’t be used for every appointment, it can be used for follow up consultations, reviewing test results, and providing some postoperative care. Officite offers a HIPAA compliant telemedicine solution that includes high definition video conferencing, screen sharing, whiteboard, and several other patient engagement tools to help you conduct a successful virtual appointment. To learn more, visit our telemedicine page. 

Commence your marketing programs

Letting your current patients know you are open is the appropriate first step, but what about finding new patients? Most practices need to find new patients to ensure appointments are filled. Having your website found on the top of search results in your local area is a key to finding new patients. Officite offers robust Search Engine Optimization programs and Google Ads campaigns to help generate new patients and appointments for those services most profitable to your practice. Contact your Web Presence Advisor to learn more about these search engine services.