Website Quick Tip: Simple Ways to Keep Your Medical Website Fresh

It’s critical that your website is always current and up-to-date. That’s because it’s often the first impression a patient has of your practice, and you want it to be an honest, accurate reflection of who you are.  A website that is updated regularly can also positively influence your search engine visibility, as the search engines favor sites with dynamic content over sites with static content.

Here are a few simple tips for keeping your website fresh:

  • Update your content.  New staff member? Change in address or payment policies? New service? Make sure these adjustments are reflected on your site so that patients are always getting the most current information about your practice. This can also include uploading new photos of your office and staff as an easy way to give your website a fresh look.
  • Add new pages. Adding a new page to your website is an easy way to generate new content.  This can include adding a page dedicated to before-and-after treatment photos, office promotions or patient testimonials. Update, modify and add content to these pages regularly so that you’re always providing useful and relevant information about what’s going on in your practice.
  • Blog.  A blog is arguably one of the easiest ways to consistently populate your website with new and relevant content. Post an educational article or video to your blog at least once a week, and promote your blog posts using Facebook and Twitter so you are sharing your message across all digital platforms. By providing an ongoing stream of valuable information to your visitors, you develop readership and authority, which translates into heightened treatment awareness and new patient appointments in the long run.

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