What Makes a Good Practice Website?

By: Melody Gandy-Bohr

Today, online users are experts at navigating websites. Users scan websites in a matter of seconds to find what they’re looking for or leave the site if it’s not relevant to their search. That split decision to stay and browse a website or leave can be attributed to a website’s design and ease of use. If your practice website falls short of a user’s expectations, you can be missing out on potential patients. Here are 3 features that every good practice website should have.

Responsive Website Design

The days of users chained at desktop computers are gone; now users are more likely to search online from a smartphone or tablet. In fact, more Google searches take place on a mobile device than a desktop.  Websites with responsive designs will adjust to the screen size of a user’s device, providing a seamless user experience. Responsive websites are easier to navigate for mobile device users, which can help decrease your bounce rates.

Relevant Content

A good practice website should have high-quality content that is relevant to your practice. Develop content about your office and the services you provide. Don’t waste the user’s time or your precious website real estate on irrelevant content, long videos or distracting graphics. Choose one central theme and stick to it. Adding relevant and quality content to your website can help improve your bounce rate. Clear information increases the chance that a user will convert into a patient.

A Clear Purpose

After putting all that effort into creating an interesting and user-friendly website, it’s important to give users a straightforward action to complete. Prompt users to fill out a contact form, or call to schedule an appointment with your practice. Put your contact information front and center to make it easy for users to get in touch with you. A website without an obvious purpose or contact details can cause users to leave.

A responsive website that is relevant, engaging and easily accessible to on-the-go users is an excellent start for your practice. With these features, you are more likely to reach new potential patients. If you want help increasing your website’s visibility and ranking, give Officite a call to discuss how our online marketing services can benefit your practice.