Why Mobile Matters

By: Angelina Bice

You already know mobile is important – maybe you have a smartphone yourself. If so, you’ve already seen the vast differences between a website that is mobile-ready and a website that isn’t. On websites that can’t adjust for a smaller screen size, you have to scroll, pinch and fumble with tiny menu buttons with your thumb, which suddenly feels way too big for the job!

A thumb-friendly, mobile-optimized website is no longer just a useful tool – it’s a requirement. Earlier this year, Google started giving websites that were mobile-capable priority over those that were not. Practices with mobile-ready websites will be ranked above practices without them, and that makes mobile a must.

Curious what you can do to catch up? Check out our infographic for a simple breakdown of who’s really using their phones to to get online these days, and about your two best options for keeping up with the mobile revolution – mobile and responsive websites.