3 Ways to Strengthen Your Online Reputation

Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re looking for a nice place to eat this evening. You narrow your options down to two choices as you’re walking down the street.

Through one restaurant window, you see a few patrons at their tables and not much else. Through another window, you see that every table is filled. There’s even a small line of people forming to see if they have a chance at getting a table tonight.

Which restaurant would you rather eat at?

Most likely, the one with more patrons. We use these cues as a shortcut for making decisions – it’s called social proof.

Social proof works much the same way online as offline. A healthcare practice isn’t the same type of business as a restaurant. But people want social proof no matter which type of business they’re looking for.

You can use social proof online to help your practice:

  • Make a strong first impression online
  • Improve search rankings
  • And build trust with potential patients

Read on to learn about how social proof works online and how it can help potential new patients contact your practice.

Types of Social Proof

There are dozens of types of social proof that you can use both online and offline. Some have been around for decades and some are fairly new.

This is a brief list of the most effective types of social proof you can start using right away:


Your website is often the first impression patients get of your practice. If they see positive testimonials on your homepage, this will leave a favorable impression that will make them remember you.

Make it a regular practice to contact patients after they visit your practice. Collect testimonials and display them on your website. Officite makes this easy with our online reputation management service.

Online Reviews

70% of global online consumers say they trust online reviews. Many use these reviews to make purchasing decisions and are more likely to choose a business with a collection of positive reviews.

Collecting online reviews on a regular basis and displaying them on your website, Google My Business profile, and social media may also help boost your search rankings.

Social Media

Linking your social media accounts to your website is another way to build the online credibility of your practice.

When patients see that you have a wider presence on the web, along with patient interaction, helpful content, and easy access to your staff, it increases the trust they have in your practice.

Next Steps

Take a moment to skim through your website and the rest of your online presence. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have positive testimonials on your practice website?
  • Do you have reviews on social media, Google My Business, and other review tools?
  • Do you have a social media page and use it to stay connected with patients?

If you’re not sure about whether you are utilizing online social proof and reputation management in the most effective way, contact Officite today.