Common Online Marketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Online marketing is playing a more and more important role in medical practices and is a great way to generate new and referred patients. The problem is that too frequently once a website is launched or an Internet marketing program is started, it is left by the wayside—untouched, underperforming and ineffective. Don’t allow a few wrong turns in the process of building your Web presence hinder its success.  Here are 3 common Internet marketing mistakes practices should avoid:
Mistake # 1:  Choosing the wrong website provider
You may think anyone can build you a website, and while there’s some truth to that, the finished product may not be the website that is right for your practice. Make sure you do your homework before teaming with a website provider.  Do they have knowledge of the medical industry? How many practices have they worked with?  Do they offer additional online marketing services or only websites? All of these questions should be considered before deciding on a company to take the reigns of your Web presence.
Choose a company who understands medical marketing trends; who has a proven track record of designing, developing and launching professional, attractive and effective websites for healthcare practices; and who can walk you through each step of building your Web presence from website launch and management to search marketing and social media.
Mistake #2: Cutting corners on initial website design
Settling for a second-rate site just to save a few bucks is never the right decision.  Since your website is often times the first impression a new patient has of your practice, you don’t want your poorly designed home page to send the message: ‘We’re not up to speed.’  Today, it’s possible to build a website that is tailored to your specific practice marketing needs and budget, and when built correctly, you can easily get an ROI that surpasses the amount of money you put into building your site in less than a year.
Mistake # 3 Failure to adopt new strategies
The world of online marketing is constantly changing.  The search engines are always updating their algorithms, new online communication channels are emerging, technology is shifting, and what’s prevalent today may be outdated tomorrow.  Just as you can’t have a car without an engine, you can’t build a website and expect it to attract new patients without an online marketing strategy to support it. Search engine marketing, social networking, reputation management, blogging and web-based patient education are all important and highly effective ways to attract and retain patients online.
The success of your practice website and online marketing strategy boils down to two things: your choice of a website and online marketing provider and how committed you are to keeping your Web presence in-tune with the latest Internet marketing trends.  With a better grasp of managing your Web presence and an experienced website provider leading the way, you can expect a steady flow of new patients to your practice who found you on the Internet.