How to Market Your Practice in 2018

Keeping up with digital channels and techniques and incorporating them into your marketing strategy is essential if you want to stay competitive in an increasingly online marketplace. Patients expect to be able to find and engage with your practice online, and if you aren’t growing your online presence, you’re losing patients to practices that are.

Fortunately, getting started with digital marketing is easier than you might think. Here are three strategies to help you boost your practice’s online exposure in 2018.

Build a Website

Having a well-designed website is crucial to improving your search engine visibility and giving your practice the exposure it deserves. Careful consideration of the purpose of your website, the needs of your target audience, and the website designs used by your competitors will help you choose the best design for your current and prospective patients.

To stay competitive and relevant, your website will need a few key elements of modern design. These include:

• Intuitive navigation
• Good quality inbound and outbound links
• High quality, keyword-rich content

Your website should also be fast to load, optimized for mobile devices, and updated often. Patients who find your website relevant, user-friendly and responsive are more likely to contact your practice, and to revisit your website in future!

Use Social Media

Effective use of social media can help you promote your practice and communicate directly with current and prospective patients. Before you start using social media, you’ll need to determine which social media channels are best suited to your target audience and objectives. You should, at the very least, make sure you have a Facebook business page on which to share updates, links, and content with your target audience. You may also want to consider using Twitter, which moves more quickly than Facebook and comes with an audience of engaged, savvy individuals.

Optimize Your Practice for Local Search

Optimizing your practice for local search can help you rank higher in the search engine results for local search queries, such as when a prospective patient searches on their phone for ‘healthcare near me.’

One of the best ways to optimize for these searches is to list your practice on directory websites such as Google My Business. When creating your local listings, be sure to provide information such as your practice’s name, physical address, phone number and opening hours. You should also choose a category that describes your practice from the provided list.

Once you’ve created a local listing for your practice, be sure to review and update it often. You should also encourage your patients to leave feedback and respond to both positive and negative reviews. High-quality, positive reviews from your patients will improve your practice’s visibility and increase the likelihood that prospective patients will contact your practice to request more information or book an appointment.

Developing a strong online presence is easier than you might think. By using these three digital marketing strategies, you can connect with your target audience and generate new leads. No time to do all the above? Not sure where to begin? Contact us for more information on letting a powerful digital marketing company take the reins, so you can get back to focusing on your practice.