Increase Engagement, Rankings, and Outcomes with Patient Education

Solving a problem is one of the main reasons people use the web. If your website helps them solve their problems, your practice can grow in authority and search ranking.

A successful practice’s website will offer information to help for new and existing patients. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to offer an extensive library of educational materials.

Online patient education can lead to better health outcomes, higher levels of engagement with your website, and improved search rankings.

Higher Website Engagement (SEO)

Higher levels of engagement with your website are one of the greatest strengths of online patient education.

When a patient visits your website about a certain condition or symptom and finds the answers they’re looking for, they’re more likely to move forward and schedule an appointment with your practice.

Search Rankings

Content that improves engagement is also an effective way to improve your search rankings. The level of engagement that patients have with your website is a search ranking factor. 

Helpful content keeps people on your website longer, which signals to Google that your website is a useful resource for your visitors.

Mobile Engagement

About 77% of web users utilize their smartphones to search for healthcare information in real-time. Providing this information right when they need it is an effective way to connect patients with your practice.

Savvy practices know this and take advantage of it. Helpful content that can be accessed anywhere gives patients a reason to keep coming back to your website and recommend it to others.

Better Patient Outcomes

Referring to educational materials during an office visit or even referring patients to online materials as an out of office supplement can improve their health outcomes.

Having an additional source of information to refer to outside of the office can balance out the often short visits that doctors have available to each patient.

The health outcome benefits of patient education include:

  • Improved patient awareness of their health overall.
  • Increased confidence towards recommended treatment.
  • Improved self-care and self-care management.
  • Improved health outcomes and adherence to treatment.

To learn more about patient education and how it can improve outcomes for your practice and your patients, click here or contact Officite.