Our Top Resources: Everything You Need to Get Found Online

One of the most effective strategies for a healthcare provider is a modern, professional website combined with search marketing solutions that match the increasing demand for healthcare services in search engines.

Because search engine optimization takes an average of four to six months to fully gain momentum, you’ll see the best results by starting as soon as possible.

Here are some of our best resources you can browse to build a foundation of understanding to implement these strategies into your online presence.

The Complete Guide to Great Web Design

The foundation of an online presence is your website. In the past, a practice could get away with a website that was essentially nothing more than an online business card. But as the web has evolved, so have patients’ expectations.

Patients now expect modern design, mobile-responsive websites, relevant content, and online security. Download this white paper to see if your practice has all the ingredients of a modern online presence that attracts new patients and stands out online.

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SEO: Building Your Credibility and Gaining Patients Online

A website is only the beginning of your online presence. The next step is to get your website found.

The internet has revolutionized the way customers interact with healthcare practices. Patients now take to the internet to find a new healthcare practice, mostly through the popular Google search engine.

Learn about how search engine optimization (SEO) can help you get found on popular search engines, build your credibility, and gain new patients online.

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5 Ways Online Listings and Reviews Affect the Patient Journey

Apart from search marketing, many prospective patients rely heavily on online reviews and healthcare directories to find a healthcare practice.

Download this white paper to learn how online business listings and reviews affect a patient’s decision to choose you as their healthcare provider, and the steps you can take to gain control of your practice’s information online to reach new patients.

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These resources will help you be prepared for the present and the future with a digital marketing strategy that reaches new patients.

You can download more resources in our resource library, view our recorded webinars at our webinar library, or learn more about building a professional website.

To learn more about healthcare websites, search engine marketing, and healthcare directories, contact Officite today.