PPC Tips: How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

PPC Tips: How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Every year there are BILLIONS of healthcare searches done online, and nearly 25% of them are paid ads. That means if you aren’t already successfully using paid marketing content for your practice, you could be missing out on opportunities for growth, increased profits, and more.

A key part of paid marketing is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and whether you’re new to digital marketing or an experienced user, you can probably benefit from learning more about how to use PPC in your healthcare practice marketing strategies.

So What Is PPC Marketing?

PPC is a type of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that places your ad copy at the top of search results, the first thing patients see when they search for your practice. The best part is that, as the name implies, you only pay for your ad if someone clicks on it. These ads can be made up of text, images, and video, and are most commonly located on search engines like Google, but can also be found on social media.

PPC is a great way to boost your website’s placement in search rankings, particularly when coupled with other marketing efforts, because you’re paying search engines to appear at the top of results. And by only paying when your advertisement has been clicked, you can ensure your marketing spend reflects the actual web traffic you receive.

Why Should My Practice Use PPC?

When done correctly, PPC content can dramatically increase traffic to your website and improve patient acquisition and retention rate. PPC can help your practice:
• Attract new patients
• Drive traffic to your website
• Increase scheduled appointments
• Reach your preferred audience
• Boost brand awareness
• Get faster results than other methods

The main goal of PPC ads is to attract more patients to your practice. Since your ad will only show up when viewers type in specific search phrases, it’s critical that your ad includes relevant keywords. These keywords make sure you connect with the right people. There are tools that can help you choose which are best suited for your ads.

Partnering with Officite marketing experts helps you create an impactful list of search terms and connect with your ideal audience, the people who are most likely to become patients, so you can generate more patient leads. But, viewers clicking your ad is just the start of their journey, as clicks don’t guarantee conversions. That’s where your landing page and website come in.

Why A Powerful Website And PPC Ads Are Essential

Even the best PPC ads are only as effective as the website they drive patients to. Having a user-friendly, patient-centric website for your practice will help patients choose your practice over your competitors.

Your ad will bring your potential patients to a landing page on your website. Your ad should drive to a specific landing page with a singular objective: fulfill the ad’s call to action (CTA). For example, if your ad highlights a specific service or offering, your landing page should give all relevant details about that service and how to access it.

Essentially, your landing page should make it easy for patients to take the next step, whether booking an appointment online, supplying their email, or calling your practice directly. Outsourcing your web design and other essential marketing functions to an experienced partner, like Officite, can help ensure that your website is optimized to turn website visitors into patients.


Building a strong online presence is vital if you’re looking to grow your practice, and PPC is one piece of the puzzle. Here at Officite, that’s exactly what we do. Our team of experts drives traffic to your website and new patients to your office with PPC Ads and other marketing fundamentals. Whether you’re looking for website support or a full marketing strategy, our experts can help you get what you need.

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