Your 4 Step Guide to Building a Successful Practice Website

In an era that relies heavily on the Internet for information, the decision to build a website could very well be one of the most important marketing decisions your practice ever makes. Deciding to launch a site may be a no-brainer considering its vast reach and functionality, but knowing where to start and what elements your site should encompass could prove to be a real challenge.

1. Find a Website Expert

To get started, find a company that specializes specifically in websites and online marketing for medical practices. A company that understands your industry and has a proven track record of building successful websites for healthcare professionals will be able to design a website tailored to best serve your needs and goals. Choose a company with expertise in online marketing programs as well, such as social networking, reviews management and search marketing to help you leverage a strong online presence.

2. Attractive Designs

Your site’s appearance will play an important role in how potential patients perceive your practice. That’s because your website is often times the first impression a prospect has of your practice. A professional looking site with attractive design elements and a warm home page will reflect the same quality of care provided by your practice, influencing potential patients to contact your office for an appointment.

3. Content is King

More than an attractive website design, your site’s content must clearly and concisely communicate your practice’s values and expertise to those visiting your site. It’s important to provide both potential and existing patients with helpful, knowledgeable information about your practice, staff, services, and office details. Online appointment requesting, downloadable patient forms and click-to-contact elements are also helpful features that allow patients to conveniently access your office.

A medical marketing expert can also help you weave search optimized keywords throughout your site’s web page content. Well-written, relevant copy is weighed heavily by a search engine’s ranking algorithms and can help boost your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), which is essential to increasing traffic, driving new patient appointments, and raising awareness for your practice.

4. Measure Your ROI

It’s important to understand how your website is performing. How many visitors are coming to your site? How many of these are from unique visitors? Which pages garner the most traffic? Choose a website company that provides you with the analytic tools to measure your site’s performance for maximized performance and reach.

Remember that marketing your website is an ongoing effort that requires diligent maintenance and refinement. Partnered with the best medical Website provider and a comprehensive online marketing campaign, you can ensure a strong online presence and steady pipeline of new patients for the long-term.