5 Steps To Getting More Patients & A Better Website

If your practice isn’t online, it’s getting overlooked by 62% of people who go online to search for health information.1 If done right, a practice website can land you more patients, satisfy existing ones, and ultimately simplify your marketing efforts – all while saving precious time for your patients and staff.

Here’s What Your Patients Say They Want From You:

93 Million

Americans search for health information online2


of patients won’t take action if your website doesn’t have enough information3


of patients prefer to book a medical appointment online4

#1 Optimize your online presence to attract more profitable patients

Search engine optimization is a process that helps you rank higher on Google, therefore boosting your chances of being discovered by more local patients. With a custom website, your practice can land a spot on page 1 of search results – a page that 75% of people don’t go past.

Using Officite’s industry-specific website templates, you can attract more patients for your most profitable services and stand out from competition instantly. Search engine optimized content offers a way to further your practice’s visibility online. And, intuitive performance tracking ensures you’re hitting your desired goals. All without any extra effort from your team.

#2 Stay booked 24/7 with online appointment scheduling

Waiting for your office to open, or worse, being put on hold is a major inconvenience to both your patients and your staff. So much so that only 20% of patients say they would book an appointment over the phone.6

A customizable website enables practices to use an Online Booking widget, which organizes appointments by service and provider and can be placed on any page of your website. This offers an easy way for patients to schedule with you any time, without interrupting your staff’s in-office tasks. Plus, all appointments seamlessly sync with your business calendar, so you can stay on top of appointment requests and quickly fill any cancellations. 

Attract New Patients With A Modern Website

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#3 Become a reliable resource with educational content

Opening your practice to the millions of people searching for healthcare advice online can be an opportunity to educate patients about your industry and your services. 

We understand how busy your team is, so don’t worry, you don’t need to be the one creating educational content. What’s great about using a robust website template is that you can choose from hundreds of patient-centric SEO pages, and become a reliable source of information without lifting a finger. Not only will this help you earn trust with your own patients, but it will communicate credibility to prospects as well as Google’s search engine.

#4 Reduce front office call volume with website FAQs

Adding frequently asked questions to your practice website is a simple way to clear confusion and better target people who are most likely to become patients. 

Not only will website FAQs position your practice as a reliable source of information, but it will also cut down the time your office spends answering phone calls that often don’t lead to an appointment. Because medical website builders like Officite have ready-made templates, all you have to do is click, create, and press save!

#5 Track your success in acquiring new patients

With your new website in place, you’ll start to see an increase in inquiries and appointments. But, without a tool to track each website visit and form submission, it will be difficult to measure your success over time. 

As important as reviewing your website data is, it can get confusing. Customizable websites offer intuitive analytic dashboards that overview the most relevant data, so you can easily track your progress and adjust when needed.


Marketing your medical practice isn’t just about being online. It’s about being online in a way that attracts new patients, retains existing ones, and improves the patient experience. Creating a patient-centric healthcare website with an all-in-one digital marketing platform is the key to success. 

In the past, building a website for your practice may have been difficult. Nowadays, customizable medical website builders have made the process simple with pre-designed templates, SEO content, online booking capabilities, and patient acquisition success management. In a matter of no time, your practice can have a high ranking, easily-discoverable website loved by your patients and appreciated by your staff.

About Us

Officite is a unique, all-in-one digital marketing service for medical practices. With both industry-specific knowledge and digital marketing expertise, we help practices grow their patient base with powerful websites, social media & reputation management, search engine solutions, telemedicine, and patient education. Officite automates your practice’s time-heavy processes (i.e. appointment scheduling, patient forms, etc.), so you can save your team (and patients) more time. 

Officite makes marketing your medical practice easier, more affordable, and more effective by offering all of your digital marketing services under one roof. For more information, or to see a demo, visit officite.com.

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