Digital Marketing Resources to Help Your Practice Grow

Building an effective website that holds the attention of viewers, answers their most important questions, and leads them to schedule an appointment is a challenging task.

The following is a short (but helpful) list of the most important pieces of the digital marketing puzzle that must be in the right place at the right time for your website to attract visitors online and turn them into new patients.

The Complete Guide to Great Web Design

In the past, a practice could get away with an online presence that was essentially nothing more than an online business card. But as the web has evolved, so have patients’ expectations. Download this white paper to see if your practice has all the ingredients of a modern online presence that attracts new patients and stands out online. [Read Here]

Questions Your Website Must Answer in 15 Seconds or Less

Most visitors to your website are there to solve a problem – and will spend less than 15 seconds deciding if you’re the practice that can solve it. By answering these 6 questions right away, you can greatly increase the chances that visitors will stay on your website and follow through to make an appointment. [Read Here]

4 Signs Your Website Has Met Its Expiration Date

Some things last forever, but websites aren’t one of them. If your website is too outdated, it can cause more harm to your practice than good. So how do you know if your site is past its expiration date? Read this article to learn 4 easy website freshness tests. [Read Here]

Branding Your Practice Website

As a practice owner, you know your practice needs a professional online presence to present the best possible first impression to potential patients. Here are a few tips for powerfully branding your practice website to make you instantly recognizable online. [Read Here]

By becoming familiar with strong website design, content, modern website technologies, and creating a design that displays the unique value of your practice, you can build an online presence that helps your practice grow.