The Best Time To Reach New Patients

It’s a bit of a trick question. The best time to reach new patients is the time that they choose for themselves. To be visible when they make that choice, you’ll need to rank high in the search results that they’ll find.

Google pay-per-click ads are an effective way to reach new patients. When they search for a practice in their area, you can reach them when they are most receptive to your services.

Convirza found that 76% of local searches result in a phone call when a practice displays its ad in local search results.

What Are Pay-Per-Click Ads?

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are short advertisements that display in local search results. When a user types a keyword related to your practice (e.g. “doctors near me”), your ad will be displayed to them. You pay a variable fee for the ad only when someone clicks on it (and remember, 76% of local search results in a phone call).

The basic process of creating a PPC ad is to open an account with Google AdSense, write your ad, select keywords and demographics, and set your budget. A digital marketing professional can guide you through the process in more detail.

Extra Benefits

Geographic Targeting – You can set geographic limits on your ads. This way they will only display to people within a certain distance from your practice. This can save you money because ads will only display to the people most likely to respond.

Stand Out In A Crowded Market – Pay-per-click ads, a professional website, and high-quality content help you stand out.

More Effective Over Time – The Google PPC platform has a suite of analytic tools that can be as powerful or simple as you like. By analyzing the response to your ads, you can fine-tune your efforts and make them more powerful over time.

Well-Established Advertising Platform

Companies trust Google enough to spend about $36US billion per year on their services. It is a platform you can trust to promote your practice.

Pay-per-click advertising may be what you are looking for to reach new patients when they are most receptive and help your practice thrive.