5 Proven Ideas For Marketing Your Dermatology Practice

dermatologist-patient success through effective Dermatology Marketing strategies

Every medical practice benefits from marketing; it’s how you set yourself apart from others who offer similar services. A well-crafted dermatology marketing plan can not only expose you to new patients but could also increase your credibility so those new patients decide to use your services.

In this article, we will discuss some dermatology marketing ideas and strategies that you can employ to draw the attention (and business) of new patients in your area.

1. Improve Website Usability

Your website is most likely your potential patients’ first impression of your dermatology practice. Since people typically form their opinion within the first 15 seconds, make sure your website makes a good first impression by including the following features:

Make it accessible across different platforms

More and more people are using their mobile phones to access the internet more and more often. Research has found that people spend 33% of all media time on smartphones, including 80% of social media. This trend is making it more and more essential that your website is compatible with both platforms.

Make sure that, when having your dermatology website designed, it is responsive for when the website is accessed through a computer or for when it is accessed through a mobile phone. Scaled up or down, your website should be coded to be able to tell which platform it is being accessed on and work seamlessly on either one.

The website has an intuitive design

Your dermatology website is your patients’ primary resource tool to learn about what you do. It should allow users to learn more about your dermatology practice’s services and treatments, book an appointment and be able to contact you with ease. If the patient cannot do that themselves and needs assistance, that means your website design needs improvement.

You may also want to consider prioritizing your landing page design with your target audience in mind. When you consider your ideal audience’s interests and behavior, the patient’s experience with your website will be more pleasant.

Ensure that it is functional and quick to use

When new patients are referred to your dermatology website but cannot use it because it is down, they may leave and go to a competitors’ dermatology practice. For that reason, you and your team should be prepared to fix any bugs, quickly resolve system failures, and carefully plan system downtimes and maintenance to ensure minimal interruption. 

2. Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a trustworthy way to drive organic or unpaid traffic to your dermatology website. At a foundational level, your website should already be including keywords and be optimized to increase the likelihood it will be seen upon searching. With SEO, your website will rank higher than other dermatology practices if the Google algorithm determines your content relevant.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your medical practice appear higher in search results than other dermatology practices. 75% of people making an internet search never go past the first page of search results. While, for best results, you should employ the services of an SEO expert, there are a few things you can do yourself to improve your ranking.

An important aspect of your dermatology marketing ideas deals with content creation. To grow your practice, you need to create original and relevant content. This is not only limited to blog posts, but also informative videos and other forms of content.

Create Interesting and Relevant Blog Posts

To optimize your website, you need to create original and relevant blog posts about your dermatology practice. As much as possible, these blog posts should have specific keywords; in this case, keywords related to the field of dermatology and your dermatology clinic. SEO and keywords enable posts to be associated with your website and practice. By using keywords, the Google algorithm will recognize your website content as relevant, pushing your website higher in search results.

Since blog posts are relatively easy to make, you can publish these regularly. For instance, your posts can be about skin-related concerns such as skincare and skin cancer. Since the longer a user spends with a post can boost SEO, you can increase the amount of time that readers spend with your posts by adding media, such as videos and before and after pictures.

Educate your Patients through Videos

Through video content, you can give potential patients a glimpse of your dermatology services and the treatments you offer. You can answer Frequently Asked Questions on topics including cosmetic dermatology, cosmetic procedures, skin care, skin cancer, or anything else related to your practice.

These videos may keep patients (and potential patients) coming back to use them as resource tools. This will not only improve your SEO but also engage users and can increase the likelihood that they will come into your office to use your services.

For example, a potential patient who is hesitant to get a dermatology procedure done can refer to a video to get an idea of what that procedure entails. The video has the potential of easing their mind not only about the procedure but also of your skills, which may lead to them becoming a new patient.

Creating and publishing informative videos not only increases your credibility as a dermatologist but also greatly contributes to your dermatology marketing by encouraging organic growth through sharing.

Rank higher with Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) enables you to reach the top of the search results instantly. PPC ads work by paying Google an agreed-upon amount every time someone clicks a link. Google then puts your advertisement in an optimal position. While (unlike organic SEO) PPC requires an up-front payment, the return on your investment is generally very good, often bringing in $2 for every $1 you spend.

3. Expand your Dermatology Marketing Ideas Through Social Media Accounts

Social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, provide additional tools and proven strategies that you can use to widen your reach and expand your market when marketing your dermatology practice.

Use Social Media to Drive Your Optimized Content

One advantage of using social media is that you can share different content formats under a single platform. On Facebook, for example, you can share text posts, photos, and videos related to your dermatology practice.

For video content, consider using YouTube as part of your digital marketing strategy. YouTube (which is owned by Google) is the second-largest search engine on the web. Take advantage of this by publishing informative content, not just about your clinic, but also on the field of dermatology itself and other healthcare topics, to improve your credibility.

Customize Content Using Data and Analytics

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram give you access to user data and analytics that you can use to personalize content to stay relevant to the needs and interests of current and target patients. This information not only lets you learn more about your audience but also helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your dermatology marketing ideas and strategies so you can make data-driven decisions to adjust accordingly.

4. Pay Attention to Your Online and Offline Reputation

Prioritize Word of Mouth Referrals

Studies show that 92% of all people trust recommendations from family and friends, making word-of-mouth the most effective marketing tool available, online or off. But the rise of the internet and online reviews is gaining popularity and credibility when it comes to how patients choose providers.

Your online reputation cannot be ignored.

Engage With Online Reviews

With the shift towards the digital space, 88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. These can help attract and convert new patients.

Online reviews can also boost your ranking in search results. Collecting good reviews will not only reflect well on your Google Business Listing but can also help you rank higher in search results. So if you’re just starting your marketing campaign, you have to come up with ways to get online reviews. Several tools can help you, including services offered by reputable, established digital marketing companies such as Officite.

5. Stay Consistent and Updated Everywhere

Crafting And Managing Your Dermatology Marketing Ideas

Developing your dermatology marketing ideas with your team and/or marketing agency is a continual process. Aside from planning, you need to constantly monitor performance and update and improve your marketing strategies accordingly.

Your dermatology marketing ideas should be grounded in your practice’s business goals and content should be consistent with your practice’s brand or aesthetic to help patients recognize your practice as a credible source for dermatology services.

Standardize Your Business Information

Having consistent business information, including name, address, and phone number (NAP), is another way to boost your online presence. Inconsistent information may confuse patients and possibly even lower your ranking in search results.

All of your social media platforms and Google Business Listing should have the same NAP listed. This also follows for your doctor and staff contact information. That way, you make it easier for new patients to contact your office and easier for them to schedule an appointment.

To improve your Google business listing, don’t forget to regularly update necessary information about your clinic/office (e.g. operating hours, a short description of your available services and treatments, link to your social media and website), and include photos for the user’s easy reference.

Summing it all up

To grow your dermatology practice, you should use proven marketing techniques for your marketing campaign. These include:

  • Improving your website
  • Using search engine optimization and keywords
  • Building your online presence through social media
  • Monitoring your practice’s reputation
  • Updating platforms and content

Officite is a digital medical marketing company that is trusted by more than 8000 practices and multiple national associations. Working with an organization like Officite, which has proven experience using the tools and methods outlined in this article, can help your dermatology practice grow and thrive in a competitive market.

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