Getting the Word Out: 4 Simple Ways to Promote Your Practice Website

By: Melody Gandy-Bohr

Exposure is everything, especially where your practice is concerned. It can be difficult to stand out with from an increasing number of competitors, and an effective online marketing strategy is vital. Your practice website can go a long way toward bringing new patients through your door, but those patients have to find your site first. Read on for 4 easy ways to promote your practice website, increase online traffic, and earn new patients.

Get Active on Social Media

The best way to bring eyes to your website is to be active on Facebook and Twitter. A study revealed that consumers from the ages of 35-48 spend the most time on social media, about 7 hours per week. You practice can tap into that demographic by creating interesting social media posts that encourage patients to visit your website for more information. Moreover, they may share your posts with their friends, expanding your target audience base.

Manage Local Listings

The majority of users who click on your practice website rely on the local listings such as Google+ and Yelp to make that decision. 91% of users will read an online review, so make sure that your listings are updated and that you respond to both positive and negative reviews.

Feature Patient Testimonials

Word of mouth recommendations carry a lot of weight, especially when it comes to healthcare practices. Patient testimonials add authority to your practice by showing examples of real-life patients who recommend your practice and vouch for your services. Add links to your testimonials across all your entire web presence, including your social media accounts and your practice blog. Curious users will want to visit your website to read more testimonials and learn more about your practice.

Start a Video Strategy

Video marketing is on the rise. In fact, adding a video to a landing page can increase conversion by an amazing 80%. Whether you’re creating videos that directly promote your practice or provide educational content for your patients, video marketing is an excellent way to drive users to your practice website.

Implementing these 4 tips into your online marketing strategy will help promote your practice website and potentially increase your patient base. Promoting your site is a continuous process. Make sure to keep updating your social media accounts, monitoring your listings, and above all else, regularly updating your website!

Your Crash Course to Website Stats

By: Melody Gandy-Bohr

Building a sleek and engaging website for your practice won’t mean anything if you don’t pay attention to its performance. The only way to determine if your online marketing strategy is paying off is to look at your performance data. From there, you can build up what’s working well and change what’s not working at all. Here’s everything you need to know to accurately interpret your practice website’s stats, and to understand what site visitors want from your practice.

Pageviews vs Unique Pageviews

A higher volume of site visitors increases your chances of gaining new patients. However, don’t confuse a high number of pageviews with unique site visitors.

Pageviews are counted every time a user loads a page on your website. A unique pageview is only counted when a new user loads a page, regardless of how many times the user loads the page. While unique pageviews give you insight into the number of site visitors you receive, the overall pageview statistic shows in broad strokes which pages on your site are most popular with users.

Why Your Bounce Rate Isn’t a Big Deal

Your practice website’s bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who land on your website and leave without looking at any other pages. While a high bounce rate can mean that users are not finding what they need, it could also mean that users are finding what they need, and leaving satisfied. If a user lands on your homepage looking for your phone number, finds it, and then immediately leaves without browsing to other pages, this is a good thing. Depending on your website goals, your bounce rate shouldn’t be a big concern.

Regularly viewing your practice website’s stats provides useful information that can help you engage users, improve conversions and focus on popular pages. Once you understand your website stats, you can provide a better online experience that converts users into patients. Contact Officite today to discuss ways to improve your practice website’s performance!